Achieve together what cannot be achieved alone

Hoping to Achieve together what cannot be achieved alone

+ A longing for something bigger than oneself
+ An action/wish to avoid individualism
+ A way of thinking beyond your limitations as a single unity

There is a wish for togetherness.

The wish has to do with touching, tenderness, the good intent and wish to be accepted. Wanted. Chosen. Seen.

It starts with curiosity. It has to.

Every individual contains of so much information and a lot of it is experienced as truths and/or convictions. Combined with a wish for change, and/or the wish to be seen, this information is imposed on others. This sometimes happens at the expense of curiosity.

Don’t confuse curiosity with self-absorption. Self-absorption is has blinders and only serves a narrow range of curiosity, it focuses on information that confirms what you already know.

Don’t confuse it with ego; there is nothing wrong with curiosity that stems from oneself.

Curiosity should be intuitive.

We need curiosity to learn.

We need curiosity to evolve.

We need to be curious to really see other individuals.

We have to be curious to reflect what we know in other individual’s knowledge.

I wish for more curiosity; the pure kind that needs to know and wants to learn.
I am longing for the questions and the listening.
I am yearning for someone to really listen.

If you listen, I will listen right back at you.
I want to know.