Common Warmups

Something a group does together to “warm up”.

Could be related to the warming up of the body, i.e. moving/using muscles of the body to stimulate blood flow through the muscles and synovial fluid in the joints. Often as a practices to build strength and/or decrease the risk for injuries. Could be done individually next to each other (examples: yoga, ballet class, burpees, individual improvisation task) or together as a full group (examples: throwing shoes to each other, playing a game of tag, flocking)  or in smaller groups like pairs or trios (examples: massage, contact improvisation, mirror moving).

Could also be an activity that warms up the individuals relation with the group, or the groups relation with itself, i.e. exercises that prepares the group to work together like teambuilding exercises. Could be done in pairs (examples: giving weight, looking into each other eyes) in smaller groups like trios, quartet, quintets (examples: blind synchronized moving, asking the oracle, singing each other’s future singing) or as the full group (examples: the group lifting one participating member high in the air, creating a movie soundtrack together, asking how each participant are feeling).
Common warm ups are common in RDC and other collective groups as a way for the group to meet each other in something that might or might not be directly related to later rehearsals/work.