ephemerality, ephemerality, ephemerality

Perhaps it is all we have, no matter how strong the vested interests of a companies employees that makes a dance they are most of stuck with the short termness, the brevity of dance’s usual format, the lack of real commodity. We can hardly ever even license our ideas, the few that have trademarked their technique feel incongruous, some sell their pieces but the healthier ones kill ideas that constitutes “working with” a company. So a piece gets made and it really only lives the first little while usual and then it must be killed. Praise to Mats Ek for killing his work off, for recognising the death of a dance that is always there, and only gets ugly if we prolong a painful death unnecessarily.

Long live death in dance, long live the short life, those that die young hurt leave us with great pain. They keep resonating within and around, we push for more of what we had combined with the more we have accumulated or were inspired by elsewhere.

All dance is an elegy to an idea, a person or just the passing of the moment.