Hopes concerning repertory dance companies, hence forth referred to as RDC.

Could be concerning: Me / You / Us / We / Then / Now / Unfulfilled desires and expectations / Potentiality / Utopia / Dystopia etc etc. 
Less tired bodies
More fun and joy
Less machine more human
music done by the company
companies working togheter
Perpetual questioning of what is dance/choreograhy
different roles
The word “dance company” looses its meaning
Individuals working together
Flat Hierarchy
Finds spaces to perform at in Sweden
Makes people think
Creates a general discourse about culture and politics
Changes shape and outlook
Creates more space and not less
Takes risk with their repertory
Opens up their space for others when possible
Performs in both performance and event mode
That I could lend one for a while for a great idea that I have
critical mass
choreography that can make a difference
political work
experimental mentality
No injuries
Basic income so anyone can join
More aim
a Swedish RDC that would perform choreographies by Swedish choreographers and thus make Swedish dance history accessible
that all people in the world could see themselves as being constantly part of a RDC
a RDC that performs the same somewhat structured but continuously evolving piece every evening in the same place with doors open to anyone
Weld Company will go wild
No commercialism
Communism (but a nice one)
That there is an energy revolution that makes electricity extraordinarily cheap, which leads to the automation of all task, all low skilled work disappears, and even previously high skilled jobs are taken over by robots, leaving artist as the only people that truely work. The planet becomes the human races work of art instead of slave it is killing.
Really using all the resources (if not, make sure it is used by someone else)
Gender fluidity
question responsibility 
That they would do better work
That there will be no more crappy choreography going on, and no more lame choreographers working them out.
To be bold
to acknowledge what we fear but not let the fear take over
for more time
Rotation of power
Pan sexuality
That I will be a part of it
That you will be fulfilled within it
That we can achieve together that we cannot achieve alone
no injuries
Brave hearts
Up to date with theory (like seriously, not in a pretentious way)
That everyone in the world knows what a repertory dance company is capable of
That everyone in the world has seen a repertory dance company perform
That being a part of a repertory dance company is considered something highly regarded, respected and impressive
for laughter
loud voices
Make every dancer question and define why they are still dancing.
Braver artistically
Take care of the audience in a different (hopefully) better way
Artistic freedom
No economical boundaries
Acceptance of differences
Taking turns in having/taking power/responsibility
non-frontal choreography
locally engaged
Healthy bodies
that we will be seen
Encourage growth
Unaware off
Flat structures
Space of life
sustainable working hours
engagement in topics
Screw social construction in how to present ourselves in relation to context/history.