How to say no through dance

Stand on both feet, lift your hands to your head, touch it.

Feel the urge to make a grunting sound, but notice that the moment for that already passed.

Try to find a purpose/connection

Go to an object or piece of interior, shake it. Listen to the sound. Feel satisfaction.

Look around, make a half hearted attempt to connect to your collegues.

Make conventional dance/ballet steps. Arabesque, small jumps on diagonal. Express vitality.

Look at a roll of tape and a pen. Take them. Throw them to the ground, hard. Wait for satisfaction.

Stand on the roll of tape, balance on it on half toe. Feel the difficulty.

Go to your co-dancers, fill in in a formation that they are making. Adjust. Lay down in the floor, take eye contact. Wait for it to end in a somerault.