repertory company trisha brown dance company

The first dancers that worked with Trisha Brown tended to be makers in their own right but were interested in seeing what would happen when working with her.

Early works she made are: A walk across the rooftops, walking on a wall, group primary accumulation, Spanish Dance, Locus, Accumulation etc.

For me it seemed to change from the time I saw the second and third cast perform Set and Reset. Just as brilliant but to me it looked as though the dancers were performing from a different starting point; a different relation to material that wasn’t developed with them.

I understand that the ‘new’ dancers learned their parts from video and were scrutinized to see if they were doing exactly what the ‘original’ dancer did before them.


As they became more established, toured more and had a larger repertoire of pieces they performed probably the demands on the dancers were different. It became more important that people were able to learn material relatively fast and were able to grow into something that existed before them rather then be present when the work was created. One can assume that the interest of the dancers auditioning for the company also was different as there was something whereas there wasn’t in the beginning.