Daily Class

Daily morning classes according to Weld Company:
First half hour on your own, do what you need to do. Then, and together with your company, spend ten minutes with each proposal, giving you a one hour collective class, based on
Instant desires and celebrate the past
• feel the weight of your arms
• explore the connection hand – foot
• celebrate what release-technique has provided to you, to us, to the community
• airplane, in 2s: one lying on floor with legs up, the other balancing perpendicularly, with his/her hips on the feet of the lying one. Change roles
• collective karaoke from laptop screen (Frost is nice but complicated, Stevie Wonders I just called is easier)

• all stand in circle, one or more persons step in and dance to snippets of music of various style & length, changing persons when music changes (music score prepared in advance)
• shake all you can shake together with Nina Simone singing Sinnerman
• dance from the point just behind the tip of your nose
• in 3s: move towards the touch, two people touching one, take turns

In the future I hope that a repertory dance company will spend ten minutes every day
• dancing in the dark to two pop songs
• All company members lift one member up in the air on their hands. Take the flying person for a ride in the space. Take turns.
• singing, for instance learn an alternative melody of Twinkle twinkle little star
• do 10 burpees and then 10 squats (MovNat style, or not)
• rainbow meditation. Practice your own choice of meditation technique, become a rainbow.

• Why do I (still) dance? Why am I here?
think about it, then dance the answer
• those who want to continue dancing do so, others follow their movements as a partner with hands-on
• two people dance synchronized with eyes closed while two are watching
• move around in the space with eyes closed until you are lost, then reorient yourself (while eyes are still closed)
• whispers game: holding hands standing in circle, whisper sentence to your neighbour, let the whispering go full circle until the first person gets the message back and tells it out loud.

• move from gravitational waves
• warm up joints of your body together standing in circle starting down moving up
• drumming on each other
• run – then run like someone else

• compressing – expanding, all body at once
• dance the dances that are already there, around us, everywhere
• compression in couples: one lying on floor on stomach, the other roll on top (perpendicular, from knees to head/arms)
• in 2s: one eyes closed, the other touching. Closed eye person saying words at each touch, then after some minutes dance from the memory of the accumulated information

• walk. Then walk like yourself, but exaggerated. Then walk backwards or like your mother or on all fours, anyone can propose at any time
• sound – using same score as above. Also: make sounds from a specific cinema genre.
• stand on your head. Stand on your head in small circle so that you can touch the feet of your colleague, in the air
• celebrate dementia – dance, and constantly forget what you just did
• dance from the sensing of the heartbeat of the other

• shake with Nina, again
• clothes-swop: take off your clothes (don’t get naked) throw them in a pile, get dressed in someone elses stuff. Take a look at your new colleagues and dance.
• hands-on, in 2s: to land in someone else’s clothes
• drag someone across the floor to melancholic music (like Joan Baez’ Diamonds & Rust, or Prince’s Purple Rain)

17/10 -2016

Mixture of

Instant desires and celebrate the past AND

In the future I hope that a repertory dance company will spend ten minutes every day

• Two on one. One person is lying on the floor two are holding up/supporting body parts and being attentive for reactions.

• Trying to gleek with the help of a Youtube tutorial. Talking about the anatomy of the tongue.

• Holding hand/lower arm and moving around in space. The middle person is leading one person with one hand and following another person with the other hand.

• (Talking about the presentation on the DC-Intro.)

25/10  – 2016

  • Begin by putting each other in to “slack” (open up the neck for free flow of cranial fluids).
    Continue by moving from the experience of “slack”.
  • Moving from the experience of touch, thinking mostly on the texture-like-touch and the feeling of heat and cold.
  • Thinking as a continuation from the movement that appeared from the “slacking” exercise. Continue in the same manner but using vocal sounds instead of movement.

30/10 – 2016

  • Rainbow meditation – Turn yourself into a rainbow using whatever kind of meditation that you would like.
  • Moving in/with eights. Thinking more of the shape of an eight (8) or thinking the infinity sign not counting eights.
  • Lying down on the floor.
    With open eyes project a relation between your body parts and the ceiling thinking about the space in between.
    Close the eyes and percieve a relationship with your back and the floor.
    Continue by switching between closed and open eyes and projecting/perceiving front and back. Then try reversing the action of the eyes.
    Possible to rise and continue doing the exercise standing.
  • Move by translating the room or the objects in the room into movement.
    It is ongoing so you don’t have to stay on one object but can constantly shift to another when it appears in front of you.
  • Dancing from the sensation of the skin/touch. The feeling of your own clothes, the touching of the clothes on the skin or vice versa, and how the body moves inside the clothes.
  • Exercise taken from “How music works” by David Byrne.
    – Improvise to the music that is playing.
    – Create from the movements appearing in your improvisation a short phrase of about eight counts/movements.
    – When you have your phrase continue to do it on repeat.
    – When you notice another phrase in the room that is stronger than the one you are dancing then start copying that one.
    – When everybody is doing the same phrase the exercise should end.
  • Cellular Stretching™ – Two people on one person. One person lying down. The other two stretch the person lying down on a cellular level for 5 min.
    You can also stretch the smallest muscles you can think of on the person lying down. It can be muscles you know exist but could also be ones that think could exist independent of their actual existence.

1/11 – 2016

-Celebrate the butt. Talk about stomach muscles, mula bandha, Uddiyana Bandha, pelvic floor, “knipövningar”etc.
-Celebrate the weight of spaces you didn’t know exist.
-Three by three. One person closes her eyes, two people lift the first person’s body parts and listen to where they want to go.
-Lie on the floor side by side in a circle, heads towards the middle. Tell a story collectively in 5min. Say one or two words each, one after the other. Then dance the story in 5min.
-Make up a hit song through singing (improvisation) in unison for five minutes.

2/11 -2016 (DC-Intro)

-Dancing to a party music in the dark
-Celebrate the weight of spaces you didn’t know exist.
-Tell a story collectively in 5min. Say one or two words each, one after the other. Then dance the story in 5min.

13/12 – 2016

-Celebrating Trisha Brown’s dementia.
-Do/copy what you see in the room.
-Make an origami with your body. Focus on foldings of the joints and of smaller places.
-Make the music and the sound that already is or has been in the room.
-Loose your identity trough movement or stillness.
-Three groups, where one group dances the past, the second dances the present and the third dances future to the Rite of Spring of Stravinsky.
-Disco in the dark.


– Celebrating the butt. Use your best butt exercises.
-Enjoy yourself through dancing, if you don’t feel enjoyment make sure you’re copying someone else.
-Wrestling in couples and groups interchanging.
-Kittenpile. Lying in a tight group. Move if you need to to feel comfortable. Listen to cat sounds.
-Karaoke singing together. “Runaway train” and “Sweet dreams (are made of this)”
-Celebrate the diagonal
– Meditate yourself into a rainbow. Use whatever meditation you like.


– Massage the whole body of another person. In couples and trios.  5 min each person.
-Cellular stretch™ Two people on one person. One person lying down. The other two stretch the person lying down on a cellular level for 5 min.
– Drag each other around the room to melancholic music (Dimonds And Rust by Joan Baez)
– Everybody lifting one person high in the air.

12/1 -2017

-Standing close to each other and letting the breath synchronize.
-Find a sensation and try to enhance the sensation until it becomes something else. Then either go with the new sensation or go with another.
-In couples. One activating and letting go of muscles. The other massages the relaxed body parts. 5 min each.
-Celebrate lacto-acid in the body.for 7min
-Shaking the body upwards and downwards, big and small muscles and body parts, changing the rhythm.
-Go around in the space in a group. One after the other pinpoint details in the room and speak around the detail. You can use your imagination to expand on.
-Get a light treatment with laps. Listen to Bruce SPRINGsteen.
-Two by two. One pets the other who is lying in a comfortable position. You can change position when needed. Listen to Patti Smith.


WC@DC February 6 2017

  • standing up, bounce lightly (like small jumps but the tips of your toes don’t leave the ground) for ten minutes
  • celebrate sweat
  • Soul Train: split the group in two and stand in two lines facing each other, with some space between the lines, like making up the track of train rails, so that the first two people facing each other can meet and dance their way down the aisle and when they have made their way down, next first people can start their trip on the train of Soul, fuelled by nice energy music
  • dance with one missing body part
  • celebrate Swedish folk dance
  • celebrate the possibilities of being many: copy the part in Alexander Ekman’s choreography Midsommarnattsdröm (Midsummer Night’s dream) where everyone standing in a very tight line move forwards with small steps like a myriapod (tusenfoting).
  • God Walk: stand in a line side by side along one wall, walking slowly and together forwards across the floor. Acknowledging and projecting forwards your heart’s desire while maintaining the lateral sensing of the others, the togetherness.

WC@DC February 7 2017

  • Give a treatment to the space we are in. It can be vocal, physical, a massage etc. Consider it a reciprocal action; it works both ways, the space treats you back
  • Body surfing – in couples across the floor and in bigger groups
  • Run around in the space, find someone to hug and together slowly go down to the floor. Has to be done to good Wagner music.
  • Celebrate alternative facts and truths that you have come across in your earlier dance training.
  • Instant desire (as a response to the previous proposal): Explore authenticity. Dance what is true for you right now in your practice.
  • Celebrate Synesthesia. Choose a color and dance that color. If you lack sense of synesthesia, find inspiration from the other movers in the space. Anyone can call out a new color when you think it’s time to move on. (possible soundtrack: True Colors sung by Ane Brun or Cyndi Lauper, Coat of many colors by Dolly Parton, Colors by Laleh)

WC@DC February 8 2017

• Hands-on work in 2s, one rubbing the other, the one receiving can be standing or lying.
5 min each
• Shaking. Small or big shakes all body at once or parts at a time
• In 2s: one places hands on each side of the upper ribcage of the other, manipulating/guiding this person into movement. After 5 min change roles
• Swop a piece of clothing with someone else, then let the clothes guide your dancing and look at the bodies moving around you as hangers of clothes.
(music proposal: Lucy/Rrose “Chloroform”)
• in small groups of 3 or 4, make a composition of sound and movement together. The movements and the sounds are linked and produced simultaneously
• Dance from pleasure or copy/mimic someone else

WC@DC February 9 2017

• Foot work. Work on your feet/make your feet work
• One brain many units. Dance using the image of us all sharing one brain, moving as limbs or units connected to this brain
• In 2s, hands on: one places hand on different places on the body of the other, who moves towards or away from the touch. 5  min, then switch roles
• Walk and talk about a place you know well, a very familiar place that you can describe in all details. Talk your native tongue and when you feel you can really see this place, dance in it.
• Lifting each other: everyone gets a one minute ride in the air supported by the restimg_2711